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4 Historic Homes Located in Southern California

by Steve Shwetz | Aug 25, 2016 | Uncategorized

With Beverly Hills and Highland Park and, really, some of the most beautiful properties on the market, it’s no surprise that Southern California has its fair share of famous homes. Not only famous, though, but historical too.

There are many to choose from, however, here are some of our absolute favorite historic homes:

1. La Casa Pacifica

Also known as “Nixon’s Western White House,” this place suddenly becomes evident in its historic origins. With 5.45 acres and a 1,500-foot-long wall surrounding the property, the name begins to make even more sense. Once you see the swimming pool, the tiled fountain, and the ocean views off of the property’s bluff in San Clemente, CA, you begin to understand why Richard Nixon may have preferred this white house to the real one.

historica socal homes

Photo by Chas Metivier / Orange County Home Magazine

2. Hearst Castle

While the line between Southern California and Northern California is not entirely defined, we think that no matter where it is, Hearst Castle deserves to be mentioned. More than a hilltop estate in San Simeon, this property is perhaps one of the most fascinating homes that California – as a whole – has to offer. You see, it was William Randolph Hearst’s great dream to transform his 250,000 acres into something magical. With a list of famous visitors, a massive personal art collection, vast and lush gardens, and even the remains of what was once the world’s largest private zoo, Hearst Castle has history, beauty, and intrigue to offer its visitors.


Source: Hearst Castle

3. Watts Towers

Known first and foremost as a famous piece of Los Angeles art, many people don’t realize that Watts Towers began as a home. In 1921, Simon Rodia purchased the famed triangle-shaped lot on 107th Street. He called his project “Nuestro Pueblo” meaning “Our Town,” and was quoted saying that he built them because he wanted to make something big. More than that, however, is the knowledge that Sam passed away on the property. Indeed a historic home.


Source: LA Times

4. The Gamble House 

Located in Pasadena, California, the house was deemed a National Historic Landmark in 1978. Widely known as the prime example of the American Arts and Crafts architectural style, it has since become a priority to maintain the property. Now a museum, the Gamble House also hosts aspiring and promising architecture students from the University of Southern California. With focuses on natural materials, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and aesthetics, it truly is one of the most beautiful properties in Southern California.


Source: Deasy/Penner

All in all, it quickly becomes apparent that the list could go on and on. Southern California is not only home to the rich and famous, but to the innovative, the creative, and the inspired. It draws actors, writers, architects, politicians, models, photographers, painters, and explorers. So explore it all yourself!  Tour the Gamble House or just try to catch a glimpse of La Casa Pacifica up on its bluff. At the same time, however, don’t forget to keep your eye out for what’s new. Southern California’s newest historic home could be right around the corner!

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