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20+ Tips to Create a Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Almost everyone has a landlord horror story, right? Maybe they kicked you out for “babysitting your friend’s cat,” or they didn’t speak English very well, or perhaps they unjustly took your entire security deposit. Well, no matter the tale, remember that the landlords have them too: tenants who can’t pay, residents with noise complaints, and people who actually don’t deserve their security deposits back.

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California Rental Property Trends in 2016

As we approach the halfway point of 2016, we are in an optimal place to look at some of the trends that have dominated the California rental market these past few months, and determine if and how they may change going forward.

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How the Real Estate Market is Shifting as Gen Z Starts Renting

Moving into your own space when you’re young is a definite goal that tends to be a defining factor of adulthood. Many people think that renting a home is reserved for young working adults, typically in their mid to late twenties and some families, while buying is even more exclusive, typically reserved for families and financially established individuals.

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Inside 20 Luxurious Tiny Homes You Can Buy In SoCal Right Now

Tiny homes are all the rage right now and come in a variety unique shapes and miniature sizes. For your own personal enjoyment, we have found some of the cutest and coolest of the “tiny home” clan to showcase. Hopefully, with this expose, you can see just how amazing these homes truly are, inside and out.

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Investing Your Home on Airbnb

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a room-letting website that allows homeowners to post their accommodations for a price for the use of travelers and tourism. For instance, you may have a bedroom free in your house and would like to rent it out but not to long-time guests. By placing the vacancy on Airbnb you could possibly have short time renters on vacation coming to stay at your house for your listed fee from anywhere as short as a day to a week or two.

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Best Places to Buy Rental Property in California

California boasts some of the most valuable and profitable real-estate in the country. If you’re looking to invest in some rental property, you would do well to conduct some research into California's ever-growing and diversifying rental economy. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of property, the golden state has something worthwhile to offer.

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5 Reliable Ways to Make Your Property Irresistible

A true home is an important commodity in today’s world. Despite any hardship or trouble we encounter, it’s nice to know that there is a warm bed waiting for us, whether that location is in a house or in a rental property.

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How HGTV Stars Make House Flipping Look So Easy

It’s that magical time of year again! No, it’s not Christmas this time, what I meant to say is that it’s that time of year when you drive home, look at your house and nitpick all the things you want spruced up and modernized. A majority of us love our home, but all of us have that one thing we want to change. It could be the crown molding or maybe the entryway, but regardless, we all want something fixed. 

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How To Show Your Appreciation To Tenants This Holiday Season

We all love getting festive during the winter holiday season. It warms our hearts to see tenants decorating their patios and balconies for Christmas, getting more and more competitive each year to win the best decoration contest and months of bragging rights. Many of us, perhaps even most of us, look forward to this season year round.

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To Fix or Not to Fix?: Landlord vs Tenant Maintenance

With today’s sight on social media, the idea of friendly relations with a vast amount of people has become widely important within our functioning society. However, as wonderful as it may sound, we simply can’t “befriend” everyone worldwide (and nor would you want to, because that task is extremely daunting). Nevertheless, just because someone is not on your friends list doesn’t mean you still can’t be civil, friendly, and maintain a decent association with them. Given these relationship circumstances, one such affiliation comes to mind: Landlord and Tenant.

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Tiny Houses Have Become the Next Big Investment

There are several strict regulations to follow if you want to become a princess. According to the patterns of Disney, you must be a beautiful woman in a state of bizarre distress, be rescued by some unknown hero, and be whisked away into the sunset to live in the most glamorous castle you could ever desire.

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Here’s How People Are Retiring Early

I can be as big of a worrywart as Marlin the clownfish in Finding Nemo. It seems silly that an aquatic animal should be afraid of the ocean, but in reality, most of us are frightened of the environment we live in.

Why is this? Perhaps it's because we could be happily floating along in our pink sea anemone when a huge barracuda takes everything we worked hard for in a single chomp (spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the film).

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